Aligning our vision with our clients’, we create a specific team to assess and provide exactly what is needed and more. Our experience of over 13 years gives us a solid track record to boost any project to its full potential, ensuring success by providing the highest quality services, constantly working to exceed expectations.

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    End to End Testing
    Identify risk areas and design the testing strategy that best suits your software.
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    Implement automated tests that improve quality, impact and return on investment.
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    Performance Testing
    We make sure that systems are robust and reliable even under the highest traffic demands.
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    App Testing
    Create top-quality mobile apps and verify their yield in different platforms and devices.
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    Audit your systems to guarantee they are usable, intuitive and responsive for everyone.
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    Tool Development
    Build frameworks and specific tools based on Open Source.

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Why Abstracta?

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    We test early in the development process, so your software’s quality is “baked in” from the very first build, ensuring a timely release.

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    Avoid higher costs and delays that come with detecting errors in the later stages of development with our software testing solutions.

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    We’ll assess the state of your testing to build a specific plan controlling risks, quality, and costs, following a context-driven strategy.

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    We contribute to the open source community and are partners with leading software quality assurance vendors like BlazeMeter and SauceLabs.


+10 Countries
14 Years of experience
+140 Dedicated testers
+300 Projects
94% Client continuity

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You don’t have to be a tester or even a techie to work with a software testing company like ours – we’ve helped startups to Fortune 500 companies. Let’s sit down and have a conversation about your plan for creating high quality digital experiences.