Quality Engineering Services

Leverage our expertise in different areas of software quality to plan and focus your efforts.

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    End to End Testing
    We co-create a quality strategy, continuously revising and adapting plans to your business priorities.
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    Test Automation
    Complement your manual testing with automated checks to optimize repeatable tasks and enable continuous delivery.
  • Performance testing illustration
    Performance Testing
    Make sure that systems are robust and reliable even under the highest traffic demands.
  • Mobile testing illustration
    Mobile Testing
    Create top-quality mobile apps and verify their yield in different platforms and devices..
  • Accessibility testing illustration
    Accessibility Testing
    Audit your systems to guarantee they are usable, intuitive and responsive for everyone.
  • Tool development illustration
    Testing Tool Development
    Build frameworks and specific tools based on Open Source.

Key Industries

  • E-commerce
    Boost online conversions and enhance shopping experiences.

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  • Financial Services
    Ensure fail-safe digital transactions without slowing down development.

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  • Healthcare
    Maintain robust and secure systems for quality patient care.

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  • Tech Industry
    Deliver reliable and robust software to the market while minimizing risk.

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Why Abstracta?

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    We developed a proprietary maturity model to guide our clients towards continuous testing, shifting from traditional quality assurance to quality engineering.

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    Innovators at heart, we launched products like Apptim, developed open source tools like JMeter Java DSL and partner with leading vendors like BlazeMeter, Testim, Mabl, and Provar.

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    As agents of change, we implement social projects with a realistic eye: we empower women through Recovertite , democratize access to IT through UpCamp and share our knowledge through Abstracta Academy.