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Up to 1 in 4 adults in the United States have some disability and the number is growing. Accessible software not only caters to the increasingly disabled community but also provides a better user experience for all users.

  • Accessibility Assessment and Action Plan
    Our accessibility audit provides clear reports to reduce risks and costs while ensuring your apps are accessible to your end users. We use market-leading tools, manual validations, and filtering techniques to evaluate your application against compliance criteria such as WCAG. We help to define a plan to remove the issues, assessing on how to prioritize the findings.
  • Continuous Accessibility Testing
    We can assist in adding accessibility checks in your CI/CD pipelines and in different stages of your development lifecycle, allowing for early detection of issues in the code repository. Our agile and shift-left testing approaches enable us to deliver faster and with increased confidence.
  • Accessibility for Developers
    Not only can we help you identify accessibility problems, but we can also help you fix them. We have accessibility training workshops specifically designed for developers. Our role is to assist them in fixing issues and removing technical debt, providing support, retesting, and validating the adjustments.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Accessibility Testing?

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    We have been working with customers in Latam and USA to make sure they are compliant with the current norm since 2015, for both web and mobile.

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    Researching and sharing the generated knowledge with the community for over 5 years has made us thought leaders in accessibility.

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    We heavily invest in continuous learning for our accessibility experts, who are also trained to provide training themselves. We provide specific training for developers to enhance the efficiency of the fixing process.

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    We developed a WCAG-EM-based methodology to support companies with accessibility technical debt in achieving compliance with new laws by making required adjustments.

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Need Help with Accessibility Testing?

We can help you design and implement an accessibility testing strategy that fits your needs and business goals while reducing risks and costs. Get in touch with us today!