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Prevent system failures and ensure seamless performance with our 15+ years of performance testing expertise. From server-side to client-side, digital experience testing, and monitoring, we use the best tools and practices to guarantee the success of your website, API, or mobile app.

  • Proactive and Preventive Performance Testing
    We developed our own methodology in order to secure the success of our performance tests. It involves three main stages: test definition (goals, context, environments, test data, scenarios, etc.), automation (with tools like JMeter, K6 or Gatling), test execution, and results analysis.
  • Continuous Performance Testing
    We have mastered a methodology to add performance checks in CI/CD to detect degradations on critical components as soon as they are inserted in the code repository. Our agile and shift-left performance testing approaches allow us to deliver faster and with greater confidence.
  • Client Side Performance
    Traditionally overlooked, client side performance testing helps measure the performance of a website or mobile app as experienced by the end-user. Our analysis of metrics and use of the right tools help optimize your response times using a hybrid approach that considers both server and client side.
  • Shift Right Performance Testing and Observability
    Identifying and diagnosing issues in production quickly is critical in the current and uncertain world. As experts in performance engineering, SRE, and DevOps, we can diagnose issues in production, improve performance, increase security, and make your systems more resilient and observable.

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Why Choose Abstracta for Performance Testing?

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    Thought-leaders in performance testing since 2008, we have executed hundred of successful load testing projects for customers around the world.

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    We heavily invest in R&D and have launched proprietary and open-source performance testing solutions such as Apptim, JMeter DSL, and several JMeter plugins. We have implemented assisted migrators in order to accelerate the adoption of new tools, moving away from legacy software like LoadRunner.

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    Our team is constantly learning new tools and methodologies so you can be confident that we are on the cutting edge of performance testing practices.

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    We partner with leading innovators in the space such as BlazeMeter and Datadog to bring you the best solutions for your needs.

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We can help you design and implement a performance testing strategy that fits your needs and business goals while reducing risks and costs. Get in touch with us today!