By hiring and continuously training testing talent in our offices in Latin America, the UK, and Silicon Valley, we have created an agile partnership model for seamlessly insourcing, outsourcing, and/or augmenting pre-existing testing teams. Whether you need testing services, strategy, training, or custom tooling, our solutions will help you to reduce costs and risks, speed up time to market, and release with confidence.

Our Manifesto

We believe in quality

We think software is a high impact tool and that good quality software brings about a better quality of life. We know that technological innovation aimed at solving life’s problems and our environment has a huge impact, making the world a better place.

We believe in people

We think there are many talented people who need opportunities and that by building robust teams rooted in mutual trust, many obstacles can be overcome, bringing us closer together. We know that offering better employment opportunities is key to a strong and fair society.

We believe in action

We think that ideas need to be paired with actions and that learning by doing is the path to success. We know that to achieve those goals, our actions need to be attuned to our thoughts and feelings

We have done it. We are doing it. We will continue to do it.

Community Involvement

Passionate about technology and the ways that it can improve lives, we are involved with several programs to spread testing knowledge and give back. Here are just a few:

ReconverTIte: Women in Testing is a non-profit organization we founded in 2019 with the support of ANII that empowers women in rural Uruguay through training in software testing. The program also promotes personal and professional development by accompanying participants in the job search process so that they can successfully break into the tech industry.

Nahual is a program that our team in Uruguay passionately supports since it favors the social inclusion of young people through their insertion in the computer science and IT labor market. This program targets 18 to 25 year olds who are interested in gaining new skills in order to pursue opportunities within the technology sector by providing free software testing training in particular. We have many Nahual “grads” on our team today.

In Montevideo, Uruguay, our software testers have created a meetup group called Abstracta Tech Talks where we open our doors to the community and run workshops, technical talks and tutorials for anyone interested in the world of technology that wants to learn by doing. We cover different topics from programming languages ​​and tools, testing strategies and techniques to more technical aspects like performance engineering and test automation.

Fibras is an ecosystem where people, companies and organizations unite to support and accelerate projects and ideas using technology as a platform to generate social impact in the following dimensions: Ethics, wellness, health, education, research, environment, and neuroscience. As a multidisciplinary group with the ability to unite technology and humanism, combines knowledge and experience in technology, medicine, neuroscience, psychology, education and research. Their pillars: synergy and collaboration in sync towards a common purpose.

upCamp is a platform that accompanies the induction experience, personalized for each profile that the companies need.It offers an integral solution to the selection, induction, and mentoring of Jr. profiles.

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