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I will never forget when a very young Matías Reina, Federico Toledo, and Fabián Baptista came to introduce me to what would eventually become GXtest, a tool to simplify test automation.

They were so enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, and eager to contribute to the industry... But not only that, they had great ideas and knew how to carry them out. My motivation was really high at the time. And our relationship has remained close ever since.

Although it is hard for them to accept it given their modesty, the XVIII GeneXus International Users Meeting was undoubtedly a before and after not only in their life but also in the IT industry.

As soon as we were introduced to their prototype, I knew it was just the beginning of a long road. I am pleased to say that, 14 years later, their product is still fundamental to GeneXus. But they didn’t stop there.

They have managed to expand through their services and consulting area, through which they work on projects that reach all over the world. And they have developed different tools. Their innovations in testing never stop, and they are always looking to contribute to the industry and the community.

I admire the warmth of those who make up Abstracta, combined with their high professional level, their engineering knowledge, and their ability to carry out those ideas in favor of the development of the community.

Over time, they have been able to build a team that reflects this particular combination, which I consider crucial in the current context of our industry. Abstracta has grown enormously and has been able to make strong contributions to the industry. They prioritize quality in all its aspects and personalize the links with each client, each project, and each business. Their steps are firm and thoughtful and they will surely continue to expand their horizons more and more.

This is why many of us consider them quality partners. They are not just looking to sell services, they are looking to be part of something bigger and make real contributions to the creation of better quality software.

For all these reasons I am very happy that they have entrusted me with the task of writing the prologue of their first book with Abstracta’s stories, in which they are encouraged to tell about their enthusiasm and human commitment.

Nicolás Jodal
Nicolás Jodal CEO GENEXUS

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Our Leadership Team

Matias Reina

Co Founder
Global Chief Executive Officer

Federico Toledo, PhD

Co Founder
Chief Quality Officer

Fabian Baptista

Co Founder
Chief Innovation Officer

Sofía Palamarchuk

Executive Director
Chief Marketing Officer

Roger Abelenda

Chief Technology Officer

Lucia Lavagna

Chief Growth Officer

Vera Babat

Chief Culture Officer

Ana Belén Rodríguez

Financial Team Leader

Alejandra Viglietti

Chief Operations Officer

Julio Stirling

Head of Customer Success